It is developed on the beachfront in an area of 55 acres. Out of which 37 acres covered with lawns, various species of flower plants, hedge plants and others. This park consists of around 2,500 shade-giving trees. It is the prominent recreation center for Vizagites and the visitors of Visakhapatnam.

NTR VMRDA Park is one of the most attractive spots in Visakhapatnam. It is the ideal place for all to spend evenings and leisure times on seashore with eye catching and eco-rich surroundings. The Park is well equipped with a variety of children play pens, boating club, musical fountains, a multi Gym, Yoga Center, Kala Vedika, Pagodas and many more. MGM Dizzy World is another attraction in the park. The Entrance Plaza extends makes the visitors to have memorable moments of joy. Every day thousands of people visit the NTR VMRDA Park.

VMRDA Children World-unique for Children

VMRDA Children World has been promoted by VMRDA, as exclusive premises for the Children of Vizag with many facilities.
The Children World consists of
1. The Children Theatre,
2. The Children Club,
3. Mini library and
4. Mini Zoo, existing at a prime area in Siripuram Junction. Those children, who become members of theVMRDA Children Club, are eligible to enjoy all the above facilities


The Children Club is promoted with a goal of providing a right place where the children can grow, not just in size, not even in knowledge but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, patience, competence, understanding and resourcefulness. Vizag kids definitely deserve a place of their own to unleash their talents to fulfill their limitless ambitions.

The club conducts various programs and activities for the children through which they can enrich themselves by new experiences, knowledge and so on. These activities provide entertainment, education, scientific knowledge etc. Screening of educational and entertainment films on every Saturday and Sunday; documentaries, news reels; organizing cultural programs by the talented children; conducting workshops and training programs on painting and handicrafts during holidays; seminars and exhibitions; literary competitions; talent shows; organizing functions and competitions on days of special interests like the Independence day, the Republic Day, the Children day, Gandhi Jayanthi etc.; promotion of adventure sports and indoor games; science fairs; special programs for challenged children etc., are some of the activities conducted regularly by the club.

The membership is open for all children up to 15 years of age (LKG to 10th class). The membership fee varies for students depending on the nature of their school. The students of Government and Municipal Schools shall pay Rs.50/- only towards annual membership. For children studying in moderate private schools (Middle level) the membership fees is Rs.100/- and for the children studying in corporate private schools the fees is Rs.200/- towards annual membership. Identity cards will be issued to those who enroll as members. For life membership any child shall pay Rs.1000/-.

The members of the children club are entitled to enter free in the children theatre, mini zoo and to utilize the services of the Mini library. They are also entitled to enter in to the Kids Pride Park, developed on seashore near NTR VMRDA Park. The members are also eligible to participate directly in all the events and competitions conducted occasionally.

Entry Fee:
Entry Fee (Adult): Rs.10/-
Entry Fee(Child): Rs.5/-
Film shooting/TV Serial: Rs.6,000/- + GST 18%


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