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VMRDA - Forest Wing

The Urban Forestry Division VMRDA was in existence since 1985 and in its continuous Endeavour for greening the city and its environs by

  • Maintaining parks on a sustainable basis.
  • Raising of Avenue plantations in VMRDA layouts and enlightening the public for Development of Greenery.
  • Planning and execution of different landscaping works
  • Develops green belts, Block plantation and Landscape works in various institutions as deposit works.
  • Monitoring and supervisation of Green Visakha Project in co-ordination with A.P. Pollution Control Board and different industries.


1. Kailasa hill park:

VMRDA has developed a prestigious hill top Park of Ac 380.00 Cts as a tourist spot on Kailasa hill out of which Ac 90.00 Cts area is developed as park with nearly 6000 Nos flowering and ever green avenue tree species vast area under natural undulating lawns and an Animal park with creepers grown on topiaries and being maintained since 1993. National & International tourists including VIPs are visiting this park every year. During 2003 the Government of Andhra Pradesh has awarded the “Best Tourism Place Award”. Consequently Government of India has awarded “National Tourism Award in Best Civic management” category for the year 2008-09 and “Best Eco-Tourism Award” for the year 2009-10 by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

2. NTR VMRDA park:

It is developed on the beachfront in an area of 55 Acres. Out of which 37 Acres covered with lawns, various species of flower plants, hedge plants and others. This park consists of around 2,500 shade-giving trees. It is the prominent recreation center for Vizagites and the visitors of Visakhapatnam. NTR VMRDA Park is one of the most attractive spots in Visakhapatnam. It is the ideal place for all to spend evenings and leisure times on seashore with eye catching and eco-rich surroundings. The Park is well equipped with a variety of children play pens, boating club, a multi Gym, Yoga centre, Kala Vedika, Pagodas and many more. The entrance plaza extends makes the visitors to have memorable moments of joy. Every day thousands of people visit the NTR VMRDA Park.

3. Beach Park :

A Beach Park was developed along beach in Ac 6.00 Cts from Ropeway station at foot hill of Kailsagiri and being maintained by VMRDA which attracts most of the public with its significant landscaping and sea view.

4. Tenneti park:

A park was developed in Ac 2.00 Cts with natural undulations and terrace garden has been developed on the sea shore near Jodugullapalem in the memory of Sri Tenneti Viswanadham.

5. Thotlakonda Park

Thotlakonda is a Buddhist Monument. VMRDA has developed park in Thotlakonda with Lord Buddha’s statue at the entrance of Ghat road and landscape around tanks at Thotlakonda and it is being maintained by VMRDA.

6. Kurusura Submarine Museum

The Kurusura Submarine Museum was established by Naval Authority (ENC, IN) and is handed over to VMRDA for its maintenance. The landscape developed around the Kursura Submarine Museum in Ac 2.50 Cts and being maintained by VMRDA. It is the 1st Submarine Museum in South East Asia established in 2002. Guides was appointed for retired Navy staff for educating the tourists.

7. Health Arena:-

VMRDA had developed a Health Arena at foot hills of Kailasagiri. A Jogging track and cycle track was developed along 2.00 Km length with landscape and Avenue plantation. Machana, Central Plaza, Meditation area, Gym and Walkers rest place are established. Recently lord Buddha statue of height 60 ft at the central plaza.

8. City Central Park:-

VMRDA City Central Park is a beautiful arnusement and entertainment park to the public & visitors located at the heart of the city, the city of destiny, Visakhapatnam developed by VMRDA in an area of 22 Acres.

  • Musical Fountain: The Musical Fountain in the park is the India’s third largest musical fountain after Akshardham in Delhi and Sahara in Pune. Musical fountain is the biggest tourist attraction of the park and the visitors are more than 3000 in the weekends.
  • Bonsai Garden: There is a bonsai garden in the park which contains overall 120 varieties of trees.
  • Yoga Hall and Amphi Theatre: Another attraction of this park is a spacious Yoga Hall and spacious Amphi Theatre. The capacity of Amphi theatre is 500 members.

9. Other Parks:-

  • Developed and being maintained the Landscape Garden at Circuit house.
  • Developed and being maintained the Landscape Garden at King George Hospital.
  • Developed and being maintained the Landscape Garden in Collector Camp Office and Collectorate in Visakhapatnam.
  • A Bio-diversity park with nearly 2000 species of herbs, aromatic plants, gymnosperms, cacti, orchids and rare tree species which is attracting butterflies and birds in Ac 3.50 Cts in the premises of Rani Chandramani Devi Hospital is being maintained by VMRDA since 2013-14. It is attracting as a significant training centre to the school and college students with its flora and fauna.

10. MVP Central Nursery:

MVP Central Nursery established in an area of Ac 5.50 Cts. Avenue and Ornamental Plants are being for sale to the public at nominal rates.

11. Parks & Landscaping works at Srikakulam:

  • Developed Landscaping and Greenery on the divider from Day & Night Jn. to 7 Roads Jn.
  • Nagavali River view park at H.B.Colony.
  • Developed River View Park at R&B Guest House.
  • Developed Dr. Abdul Kalam Park at Official colony.
  • Developed Landscaping and Greenery on the divider and either sides of the 100 ft road from NH-16 to Nagavali river bridge.
  • Developed Landscaping and Greenery on the divider and either sides of the 80ft road from Arasavelli Jn. to Vambay colony.

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